Vaxil Bio Licenses P-Esbp for Targeted Cancer Therapy from BGN Technologies, the Technology Transfer Company of Ben-Gurion University, Israel

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NESS-ZIONA, ISRAEL, August 28, 2019 — Vaxil Bio Ltd (TSX VENTURE: VXL), a biotech company focusing on innovative immunotherapy treatments for cancer and infectious diseases, announced today that it has entered into an exclusive worldwide license agreement for the development and commercialization of a targeted cancer therapy with BGN Technologies, the technology transfer company of Ben-Gurion University (BGU) of the Negev.

Vaxil has found great interest in the P-Esbp polymer-based macromolecule invented by Prof. Ayelet David, Head of the Drug Targeting and Nanomedicine Laboratory, Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Pharmacology, Prof. Gonen Ashkenazy of the Department of Chemistry and their joint PhD student Yosi Shamay all from BGU. The technology is protected by a series of worldwide patents, including P-Esbp designed to target inflamed endothelial cells through recognition of E-selectin for the inhibition of tumor growth and metastasis.
E-selectin, a cytokine-inducible cell adhesion molecule (CAM) which belongs to the selectin family, is expressed only on the surface of inflamed blood vessels and mediates the recruitment of leukocyte and cancer cells into inflamed and cancerous tissue thus further promoting cancer metastasis.

The new synthetic P-Esbp polymer we developed targets E-selectin with high affinity for delivering drugs to tumors and metastatic sites,” explains Prof. David. “Using primary and metastatic models of cancer, this approach showed promising preclinical therapeutic results, enhancing drug accumulation in tumors, significantly decreasing the rate of tumor growth, and dramatically prolonging the survival of mice with melanoma lung metastases.”

“One of the greatest challenges in developing drugs for the treatment of solid tumors is treating the affected site without damaging healthy cells and organs,” said Dr. Ora Horovitz, Senior VP Business Development at BGN Technologies. “Our P-Esbp polymer only targets the inflamed blood vessels, thus offering the opportunity to treat selectively without harming healthy tissues.”
P-Esbp has been shown to interfere with E-selectin-mediated interactions, thus blocking leukocyte and cancer cells recruitment to inflamed and cancerous tissues which reduced colonization of circulating cancer cells in secondary organs. In addition, it was also shown to inhibit leukocyte recruitment and inflammation in animal models of liver injury and atherosclerosis. These results combined demonstrate the promising therapeutic potential of E-selectin targeted therapy for inhibiting inflammation and arresting cancer disease progression as well as other diseases where inflammation plays a role.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to work with Prof. David and together to increase the impact we can have on helping patients with significant unmet needs in oncology and beyond”, said David Goren, Chief Executive Officer, Vaxil Bio. “Prof. David and her team have developed a promising technology platform that when combined with our platform, knowledge and experience will allow us to progress the science of treating cancer with immunotherapy.”

About BGN Technologies BGN Technologies is the technology company of Ben-Gurion University, Israel. The company brings technological innovations from the lab to the market and fosters research collaborations and entrepreneurship among researchers and students. To date, BGN Technologies has established over 100 startup companies in the fields of biotech hi-tech, and cleantech as well as initiating leading technology hubs, incubators, and accelerators. Over the past decade, it has focused on creating long-term partnerships with multinational corporations such as Deutsche Telekom, Dell-EMC, IBM, PayPal, Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center, Merck, Sigma, Orgenesisand Bayer, securing value and growth for Ben-Gurion University as well as for the Negev region. For more information, visit the BGN Technologies website.



About Vaxil Bio

Vaxil Bio is an immunotherapy biotech company focused on a novel approach to targeting prominent cancer markers. Its lead product Immucin™ is a MUC1 signal peptide-derived product, wholly owned by Vaxil and protected by a series of patents in all major territories around the globe. As recently presented by the company, the mode of action by which Immucin™ exerts its unique immunological and clinical activity, is believed to be via its distinctive characteristics as a neoantigen. The Company has previously successfully completed a Phase- I/II clinical trial in multiple myeloma patients, after which Immucin™ was designated Orphan Drug by both the US FDA and the EMA for that indication. Vaxil is currently advancing toward clinical studies in additional solid tumor indications.


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