Cancer Stem-Cell Targeting

Cancer stem cells are often responsible for leading to metastasis and chemo-resistance, two of the most dangerous cancer-pathways. Stems cells can continue developing even when primary tumor cells are targeted. However, Vaxil’s immunotherapy products expose peptides which are expressed on cancer stem cells and therefore intended to harness the immune system to target even the cancer stem cells, in addition to targeting the primary tumor sites.

VAXIL – Creating the ideal immunotherapy

Inducing a Broad


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Cancer Resistance

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Harnessing Potent

Immune Response

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Expression on

Cancer Stem Cells

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First Ever SP-Specific

Antibody Platform

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Vaxil’s Lead Products and Orphan Drug Status

Vaxil believes its immunotherapy platform allows it to target high profile cancer antigens in a uniquely superior manner, all designed to possess the novel advantages described above. Vaxil’s first test of its VaxHit™platform is ​its ImMucin™ ​lead immunotherapy product.