Tumor Specific

Signal peptide domains such as Vaxil’s products can induce antigen-specific cellular and humoral responses in a large portion of the population by activating adoptive CD4+ and CD8+ T-cells and antibody responses with antigen-specific anti-tumor function. The unique overexpression and localization of the SP domains close to the cell membrane of cancer cells qualify them as excellent distinct tumor cell targets, which are not present on normal cells and in the circulation.

VAXIL – Creating the ideal immunotherapy

Inducing a Broad


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Cancer Resistance

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Harnessing Potent

Immune Response

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Expression on

Cancer Stem Cells

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First Ever SP-Specific

Antibody Platform

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Vaxil’s Lead Products and Orphan Drug Status

Vaxil believes its immunotherapy platform allows it to target high profile cancer antigens in a uniquely superior manner, all designed to possess the novel advantages described above. Vaxil’s first test of its VaxHit™platform is ​its ImMucin™ ​lead immunotherapy product.