Vaxil™ Creating the ideal immunotherapy

Vaxil™ Bio Ltd., is an Israeli immuno-oncology biotechnology company developing novel immunotherapies including neoantigen-like peptide products, and antibodies to treat cancer and infectious diseases. Vaxil’s products are derived from its fully owned proprietary platform VaxHit™, which in effect allows for the identification, isolation, and production of uniquely specific antigen-based immunotherapy products. Vaxil’s products are derived from its fully owned proprietary technology VaxHit™, which uses the Signal Peptide (SP) domain in selected targets as core antigens (see technology section). Vaxil’s lead product, ImMucin, which has received FDA Orphan Drug Status, was designed for the treatment of multiple myeloma (MM) cancer. Immucin™ is composed of the entire SP domain of the MUC1 tumor associated antigen (TAA), and has successfully completed a Phase I/II clinical trial in 15 MM patients demonstrating a high safety profile, robust immunity and initial hints for clinical efficacy. Vaxil™ is currently performing an additional Phase I/II study with ImMucin in metastatic breast cancer patients being treated with 1st line hormonal therapy. Vaxil also isolated SPmAb-2.1 and SPmAb-6, the only anti-MUC1 SP antibodies harboring superior therapeutic and diagnostic properties vs. other MUC1 antibodies. Vaxil further validated its VaxHit technology for anti-infective indications, isolated MTBuVax™, a multi-antigenic sub-unit LP vaccine against mycobacterium Tuberculosis (MTb) currently in pre-clinical animal studies.