The Company has five patent families, including 40 granted patents with more work being done to expand the portfolio.

  • The first patent family relates to the ImMucin™ product, a MUC1 SP-based vaccine. This patent family includes 15 patents in US, Europe, Australia, Canada, Israel and India, relating to the ImMucin™ vaccine and methods for using ImMucin™ such as for treating cancer and T-cell enrichment.
  • The second patent family relates to immunogenic composition, specifically against a pathogen (e.g., tuberculosis, malaria, toxoplasma, EBV, HIV, herpes virus, and influenza). This patent family includes 14 patents in US, Europe and South Africa.
  • The third patent family relates to the antibodies produced by MUC1 SPs, and diagnostic and therapeutic methods using these antibodies. This patent family includes 7 granted patents in the US, Europe and Israel.
  • The fourth patents family relates to selective delivery of the drugs such as anticancer to endothelial cells using polymer-drug conjugates. This patent family includes 7 granted patents in the US, Europe, and Israel.
  • The fifth patent family relates to COVID-19 immunogenic peptides, such as for use as vaccines. This patent family includes a US pending patent application.