Vaxil to Present at 2017 BIO CEO & Investor Conference in NYC

NESS-ZIONA, ISRAEL and TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired – February 09, 2017) – Vaxil Bio Ltd. (“Vaxil”, or the “Company”) (TSX VENTURE: VXL) today announces its participation in the Annual BIO CEO and Investor Conference. Vaxil’s Dr. Limor Chen will present an overview of the Company’s R&D and clinical strategy in regard to its immunotherapy products. Now in its 19th year, the BIO CEO & Investor Conference is one of the largest investor conferences focused on established and emerging publicly traded and select private biotech companies.

Vaxil Presentation Details:
Date:Tuesday Feb 14th
Time:10:00 AM-10:30 AM
Location:Waldorf Astoria Hotel
Presentation Room:Duke of Windsor Room

A copy of the presentation will be made available on Vaxil’s website via the Company’s Investor Center or by clicking here:

Vaxil Presents at BIO CEO and Investor Conference in New York City
Vaxil to Present at 2017 BIO CEO and Investor Conference in New York City

Vaxil Immunotherapy Products


Immucin™ — Orphan Drug Designated Immunotherapy
Immucinis thought to target antigens via novel mechanism acting as a neo-antigen. Vaxil has recently begun testing combination options with data suggesting potentially complimentary synergies with checkpoint inhibitors and IMiDs. Phase-I/II successfully completed, with Orphan Drug Designation, Vaxil is currently planning for a larger Phase-II.

SPmAb™ — First-ever Signal Peptide Specific Antibodies
Antibody platform believed to be more targeted and specific against antigens specific to tumor cells while simultaneously avoiding soluble antigens found in normal cells.

Infectious Diseases

MTbuVax™ — Patented Anti-Infective Vaccine
Superior immunity demonstrated in tuberculosis patient samples vs current vaccines, strong and specific cellular responses, recently granted US Patent.

About Vaxil
Vaxil is a cutting edge Israeli-Canadian immunotherapy focused biotech with its R&D based in the Weizmann Science Park, Israel and listed on the TSX-Venture. Vaxil specializes in the development of immunotherapy products for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases by activating the patient’s own immune system, including nearly 10 years of R&D and a robust patent portfolio. Vaxil immunotherapy products are based on its VaxHit™ platform, a proprietary algorithm for identifying, isolating, and producing signal peptide specific immunotherapy products believed to target prominent markers via novel mechanism.

The first product developed through VaxHit™ is known as ImMucin™, a therapeutic cancer vaccine, which received Orphan Drug Designation from both FDA and EMA. ImMucin™ was generated to target the signal peptide of MUC1, a prominent antigen found in 90% of cancers yet to date unresponsive to other therapies. Vaxil believes Immucin™ acts via novel mechanism as a neo-antigen. Recently, Vaxil has shown that ImMucin™ can potentially elicit a strong anti-tumor activity when used in combination with checkpoint inhibitors. In a Phase-I/II, 100% of patients demonstrated robust immune responses, with the majority of patients achieving stable disease, and the Company is now planning for a larger Phase-II.

Vaxil’s antibody platform, known as SPmAb™, are the first-ever signal peptide specific antibodies. The Company believes its antibodies possess several key advantages, including the targeting of cancer at its earliest stages. To date, SPmAbs™ have been shown to induce anti-tumor activity in mouse cancer models.

In addition to oncology, Vaxil has developed and patented MTbuVax™, a novel TB vaccine, which has demonstrated superior immunity when compared to currently available vaccines. Vaxil believes the field of infectious diseases to be particularly important given the rise of super-bugs, antibiotic resistant strains of infections, including the World Health Organization reporting a rise in people developing multi-drug resistance to tuberculosis. To date, Vaxil has demonstrated both in human samples, as well as in mice, that its various MTbuVax™ candidates have potential to elicit stronger, more specific immune responses.

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